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Restaurants and Food Service

We have a lot of past experience developing restaurants and food service venues. Our team dedicated part of their career working for multinational food services companies like Compass Group, who owns Bon-Appetit, Restaurants Associates, Canteen, Flick, Wolfgang Puck, among many others around the globe.

Our goal is to have thematic restaurants that are attached to the most innovative virtual+real game ever developed: "Battle Racing". It was created by an entrepreneur who had succeed in several other technology initiatives.


At any place where "Battle Racing" has a track, we'll have high quality comfort food, to complete the experience of the game and recharge energy for the next round.

Imagine participating in an innovative virtual+real go-karts race, and after that continue the excitement with great food and the best service.

We'll open our first site at Wynwood in the Miami area, during Q4 2022.

Stay tuned!